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 Watching a forum or a thread(topic)

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PostSubject: Watching a forum or a thread(topic)   Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:31 pm

What do i mean by watching the Forum or thread?

This is a function to get update on the activity in the forum or thread which you watch to follow up closely.

Hence, you can subscribe to a forum of thread so that you get emails telling you that there are people posting new threads in the forum or replies in the thread topics.

So how you do it?

See the picture below.

Click the link at the bottom right of the list of threads to watch the forum

Or you can monitor the thread for replies by click this link at the bottom right of the list of replies.

So for example you want to know more about our events and happening, go and watch the forum under "Administrative Stuff" -> "Announcements / Notices" or "Call For Help!"-> "Events Matters", and you can be very informed on our events.


Heng Shing kae
Lights & Sound Head of nuSTUDIOS
Email: hsk@nu-studios.com

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Watching a forum or a thread(topic)
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